Amalgamator G7

Amalgamator G7 Amalgamator G7 Amalgamator G7
Product name : Amalgamator G7
Item : G7
Details :

Product Number : G7 Amalgamator


1.) With digital LCD showing speed time.
2.) Adjust Time and Speed freely.
    (time from 3 - 60S, speed from 2800 rpm - 4700rpm)
3.) Time setting with memory function.
4.) Security guard design, motor will stop when the mask is open.
5.) Ergonomic design, which looks like a beetle car.
6.) Noiseless, very stable operation.
7.) Electrical safety standard met.
8.) Automatic alarm to remind
9.) Easy maintenance.

Power voltage: AC 220±5V, 50HZ or AC 110V, 60HZ
Motor power: 20W
Blending speed: 2800 rpm - 4700rpm
Range of timing: 3S~60S
Noise level: less than 65db (A)
Gross weight: 2.6kg
Size: 260*220*190m

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