Ultrasonic scaler (Jasmine 100CD)

Ultrasonic scaler (Jasmine 100CD) Ultrasonic scaler (Jasmine 100CD)
Product name : Ultrasonic scaler (Jasmine 100CD)
Item :
Details :

Ultrasonic scaler 

1.) screen touch model

Jasmine 100C-1    detachable handpiece
Jasmine 100C-2    sealed  handpiece

2.) screen press button model

Jasmine 100D-1    detachable handpiece
Jasmine 100D-2     sealed  handpiece

High quality, interlligentize system
Automatically compensate system

Main features:

Automatically compensate system working frequency
Automatically adjusted after abrasion of the scalers' tips
High capability circuitry design, high quality electronic component
Small size, light, convenient
Steady performance, 8 hours sequential usage available

Product accessories:

Ultrasonic scaler mainframe      1 set  (including the operation handle)

Scaler tip                 5pcs (G1, G2, G3, P1, P3)
Foot switch             1pcs
Water tubing 2m      1pcs
Tip banner               1pcs
DC 24V adaptor       1pcs

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