Alginate Mixer

Alginate Mixer
Product name : Alginate Mixer
Item : DB-988+
Details :
Item : DB988+
Dental Alginate Mixer  + Electric Lock and Motor  Brake


1.Streamline modelling, perfect  design, smart construction
2.electric lock and motor brake  gear ensure operational security
3.high-power and high-speed  motor, fine viscosity and  perfect mixture
4.easy to operation,harmonious,  no bubbles
5.3 programs setting for memory  the mixing time (Install  setting: 8, 10, 12 seconds)


1.Voltage: AC110V 50/60HZ;  AC220V 50/60HZ
2.Consumer power: 350-400W
3.Timer: 1-12seconds
4.Revolution: 2900-3600 R.P.M.
5.Volume(cm): 40×33×45
6.Weight(KG)/PCS: 26KG
7.Packing material: carton

Package Includes:
1      x       Piezo one Ultrasonic Scaler 
1      x         Main unit
4      x        Mixing cup
1      x       Water dosing bottle
1      x        Magnetic basket
1      x         Stirrer stick
1      x        Spatula 
1      x        Power cord

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